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Students, researchers and teachers gain broad and translational perspective of their research, while medical doctors gain insight into the scientific world.


Submit a project for the Biomedical Research Lab course (3rd year BMW; periods 1-3) or Experimental Translational Medicine course (2nd year BMW & GNK; period 4) for a 10-week full-time period, and:



  • Involve 16 students in your research. 

  • Get extra laboratory space and equipment at your disposal: well-equipped laboratory in the center of UMCU.

  • Obtain extra financial support for laboratory costs and help from trained teacher-researches.

  • Acquire new data output, as well as get relevant and critical insights from students = fresh perspectives on your own research.

  • Conduct (existing or pilot) research for which there is not sufficient time in daily work.

  • Gain opportunity to form new collaborations by conducting joint student projects with various research groups (from different disciplines).

  • Students work on a basic research question (=benefits for fundamental research), a patient case (=benefits for patients and healthcare) or they can test/develop new assays (=benefits for diagnostics).


The Bachelor Research Hub offers opportunities to facilitate the practical work within the Bachelor thesis of the Bachelor's degree program BMW (Research project and Research project plus):

  • Get extra guidance from the Hub while supervising Research project (plus) students.

  • Group students during the practical work for more efficient supervision and output.

  • Post research projects or patient cases in the UU-wide online portal KonJoin. Choose ‘Bachelor Research Hub’ to post your own topic online. Alternatively, please contact us for other possibilities. 


Join the Bachelor Research Hub Summer School and in a 2-week period let
Bachelor students from all around the world work on your project.


  • Test new hypotheses with highly motivated bachelor students.

  • Obtain new data that can be freely used in your own project.

  • Conduct authentic and real-world biomedical research in small (international) groups.

  • Guide students together with the help of professional Bachelor Research Hub teachers.


  • Guide bachelor students together with a team of trained teachers.

  • Work with students on your course topic.

  • Gives you - as a full-time teacher -  the opportunity to do research with students

Bachelor Lab Co-curricular Research

During the curricular courses, you often work on a problem (research proposal, diagnostic, clinical, patient case), which sometimes raises additional questions and opens novel research paths. In the Co-Curricular Research Bachelor Lab, you have the opportunity to tackle these problems:

  • Test newly made hypotheses and get new insights from a group of motivated bachelor students.

  • Students work individually or in a small group under supervision of trained Bachelor Research Hub teachers.


Bachelor Lab Summer Research

In the Bachelor Research Hub students can conduct extra-curricular research during the summer holidays:

In our dedicated and equipped laboratory space you can do authentic and current (ongoing) extracurricular research with bachelor students under the supervision of experienced researchers. Research can be of different nature, such as fundamental, translational, clinical, epidemiological, but also diagnostic. Aside from the wet-lab research, you can also work on cohort studies, (clinical) databases, and data mining.

  • Broad spectrum of projects can be submitted, including wet-lab research, cohort studies, database work, and mining in big data.

  • Different types of research can be done, such as fundamental, translational, clinical, epidemiological, and diagnostic.

  • Students are guided by a special team of Bachelor Research Hub teachers.

  • Students work individually or in a small group.

Bachelor Lab Continuum

In the Bachelor Research Hub, bachelor students can work throughout the year on a topic of interest, outside the regular courses. Students that want to obtain more experience can join and are often highly motivated and can be flexible.


Coming soon... 

If your research needs the help of a large group of students (>100 - 350) in the form of a discovery-based practicum (e.g. wet-lab work, bio-informatics, data-mining etc.), please contact us.  

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